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Raccoon Pest Control helps brings Merry Christmas to Grand Junction, CO

The Partridge Court area of north Grand Junction has amazing Christmas lights each year. Penguin Pest Control had the privilege of protecting one of their client properties in the area shortly before Christmas light season.

The magnificent property was having an issue with pests. Something was digging up grubs in the large yard, leaving little potholes all over the place. Bad for visitors. Something had to be done!

While inspecting the property, Marcus S., a Penguin technician, suspected the problem to be either skunks or raccoons. And so he set up 6 large live traps that a skunk or raccoon could fit into. The traps needed to be configured for skunk spraying. A tarp was inserted into the traps and the traps were baited. After being expertly placed in ideal locations, the traps were tested and set.

Marcus S. began inspecting traps the next day, as Colorado law requires live animals traps to be checked daily. Marcus had success the very first day, catching a single raccoon. A second animal was caught on day 2. With Marcus getting married, another technician, Matt P., stepped in to continue the daily inspections. After a few weeks, Matt P. and Marcus had trapped and removed all the pests, releasing each 25 miles away from town.

The result was 5 raccoons relocated to a more natural habitat, a happy client, and a yard fit for another great Christmas.

Merry Christmas!