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We are a locally owned Pest Control company,
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Family Owned and Operated!

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Penguin is not corporately owned, or a franchise. The company was started right here in the West, in Grand Junction, Colorado. In the beginning it was just the owner and his brother. Spencer handled sales and marketing and his brother serviced the accounts. We are still locally owned and locally concerned. Our goal for the future is to continue a local, family operated culture. We are interested in your home – OUR home!

We service Colorado, Wyoming, and Eastern Utah. The company is currently headquartered in Grand Junction; we offer services in Mesa, Delta, Montrose, Gunnison, San Miguel, Ouray, & Hinsdale counties, as well as Moab, Cheyenne and Colorado’s Front Range.

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Amy G.

I called Colorado Extension and from other resources heard that there was nothing which could be done for Box Elder or Elm Seed Bugs. In fact on the news they ran a story telling people to just sweep them up and put them back outside and live with the problem. Live with the problem? Really!? I am not OK with sharing my home with thousands of bugs. Then I called Penguin. The staff was very friendly and the treatment has really helped the problem. I was inundated with those bugs before, but Penguin's treatment has really set them back.

Kristi Knowles

Penguin Pest Control is simply the best in the business! I used other companies in town for years at our old home and when we moved I called Penguin, they were on our mouse problem right away! These guys are the nicest people to work with. These guys truly are the best in town!! Thank you for taking care of our home as it is your own. Call them today!

Evie Frank

We couldn’t be happier with the service provided. Haven’t had pest problems since starting the service.

Jane Foster

As an early customer of Penguin I have been impressed with the friendliness, timeliness, and eagerness to please customers of this company. I have referred Penguin to many new residents in my neighborhood sharing how responsive the service is and also how educational they are. When I have noticed a bug problem and called, the reaction time has always been rapid and appropriate. All-in-all I cannot think of anything but overwhelming positive remarks to state about this company. Kudos every day and to all involved.

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we’ve got you covered

we treat residential and
commercial areas for pretty
much every kind of pest.

If it's pest control, we are going to be your best, most professional source.

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It's really simple. If you sign up for one of our pest solutions, we guarantee results and we will do whatever it takes to ensure you are happy. That is one of the major benefits of choosing a local company like Penguin Pest Control.


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our goal is to just be easy going, and pleasant to work with.

Honest Pest Control

Honesty is a core value in Penguin Pest Control. Honesty is more important to our company than profit, sales, or growth. We strive to be honest in EVERY aspect of our business. One good example of this is when we perform inspections. Any professional who performs an inspection, and then offers a curative services for problems revealed, may be tempted to be less than truthful about problems, or to exaggerate problems in order to secure a sale. WE. WILL. NOT. In every aspect of our conduct we will be honest and forthcoming. We rigorously emphasize the value of honesty to our staff. Honesty is not only a core focus in our pest control service, it is a core value–which means that we hire and fire based on this value. If any technician or staff member exhibits honesty issues, they will not be allowed to continue employment with Penguin Pest Control.

Effective Pest Control

We are constantly striving to find the best and most cost effective techniques of integrated pest management. Integrated pest management (IPM) is an art which needs to be continually honed. That is what we do. A good example of this is when elm seed beetles first hit our headquarter city of Grand Junction. Elm seed beetles are not native to North America, and when they first showed up, infestations broke out in droves. It took many companies by surprise. Penguin Pest Control was one of, if not, the very first company here, to learn how to effectively control these infestations. Long after other companies were turning down customers, or trying to figure out how to treat these bugs, Penguin was helping customers effectively control infestations.

Safe Pest Control

Just like you, we have a families, children and pets. Safety is a deeply held value. We are absolutely dedicated to using safe products, in a safe manner. We focus on training every technician to follow the safest practices. We always use the most environmentally responsible products which can effectively control any given pest.

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Protecting and Preserving Bees

Bees are critical to our ecosystem

Besides making delicious honey, they are super-pollinators. We train our technicians to be aware of bees—we can get rid of unwanted pests, while simultaneously preserving bees.

in the 21st century
there is no reason
to live with bugs!

Through the development of the human race, pests have long afflicted our ancestors. Mice and rats carried deadly diseases, bed bugs infested homes, and the food was contaminated by weevils. Now in the 21st century, we are fortunate to have the solutions, the products, and the understanding to control virtually every pest known to man.

In the 21st century, (in-laws aside) there is really no reason to live with pests! It's your home and you don’t need to share it with bugs, or mice or any other kind of pest.

We offer the best pest control Grand Junction has to offer

Call Penguin for a pest solution just for you