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Product Safety

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If Penguin’s products are designed to KILL bugs, how are they safe for people?

Great question! It comes from the brilliance of modern technology. Most of our products work via the concept of micro-encapsulation. Basically our products have a suspension which contain millions of little particles. When we apply the product and allow it to dry, those tiny particles remain on the treated surface. Later when a bug walks across the treated area, those little particles will stick to its exoskeleton, and can then take affect. This works because the arthropods anatomy is much different than ours, and their size is much much smaller than a human. Bugs have little holes in their exoskeleton, through which the products can be absorbed. Then once inside the bugs exoskeleton, these products disrupt their neurological system. Now, what if you drank the product. Would it harm a human? Yes, so don’t drink the products. However, when applied to a foundation and allowed to dry, the products are both effective at pest control, and very safe for humans and other mammals.

Have you ever seen The Incredible where Mr. Incredible gets hit with a bunch of sticky balls? That is kind of how most of our products work. Image Mr. Incredible was tiny–the size of a bug. Once we apply the product and it dries those particles stay put. Until Mr. Incredible walks across the treated area, and then those particles stick to him.

Because of this, our products are very safe for people and pets because those particles stick to that area and are not airborne. So if you walk by the treated foundation you won’t inhale the product. It is not airborne. And you probably won’t get any on you, with the exception of maybe a tiny amount on the soles of your shoes–and you probably don’t lick the soles of your shoes.

But what IF you did lick the soles of your shoes? Or what if you touched the treated area? Well, first off, the product is designed to stick to bugs, so it won’t stick to you as effectively as it will to a bug’s exoskeleton. But you may get some on you. However, the quantities are so low that it wouldn’t have a perceptible effect. Remember, in my example with Mr. Incredible, I made him super small. The treated area has enough of those particles to kill spiders which weigh 0.00008 pounds but not enough to have a significant effect on a human which is approximately 3 MILLION times bigger. What if Mr. incredible was 3 million times bigger? Would those sticky balls have stopped him? No. In fact, he probably wouldn’t have even noticed them and Syndrone would have been crushed and the movie would have been 45 minutes shorter. Plus Elastigirl, and Dash, and Vi would not have got in on the action.

Sorry! Spoiler alert. Should have mentioned that earlier.

Plus, on top of the size factor, the products are designed to work on insects and arachnids with exoskeletons that contain pores. Mammalian Anatoly is very different, and so the products would be absorbed by mammals quite as efficiently even if the mammals were the same size. So in the case of Tiny Mr. Incredible, the products would probably still not have quite the same effect as a similarly-sized black widow spider.

One other concept worth noting is the environmental impact of our products. They do not cause a collapse of the overall species of the target pest(s). They simply eliminate the bugs in the treated area. The objective is get rid of the bugs in and around your home–and thats it. The environmental impact would be similar if Violet on The Incredibles were to create a force-field around your home. Bugs could live near it, but could not come through it. It would simply turn your home and yard into a bug-free bubble. But Violet is not available and, is also not real. Penguin is. So you can still live in a bug free bubble by calling Penguin Pest Control.

Ok. I’m done with references to The Incredibles. For now… 🙂

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