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Our Strategy for Winter Treatments

Some people may wonder, hey it’s winter, I am not seeing any bugs, why do we need a pest control treatment?

The answer may sound counter-intuitive at first, but the winter provides a great opportunity to do pest control. Let me explain. In the summer when insects, rodents, spiders and other bugs are all at peak levels, it’s hard to find time to implement preventative and long-term pest control strategies because usually, those kinds of treatments are more time-consuming.

In the winter we focus on things such as exclusion, mechanical controls, and more in-depth interior treatments. These kinds of treatments provide long-term and preventive control.

What exactly am I talking about? Well, one thing is a wall void treatment. How do bugs, such as ants, spiders, and earwigs get inside your home?

One common way is through a crack in your slab or from the crawl space. And then the bugs use the wall voids (the space inside your walls) to move from room to room.

We can treat that area by taking off electrical plate covers and then applying a very safe dust formation inside your walls. This provides long-term control of several kinds of insect and arachnid pests.

Now you may wonder, if this treatment is so effective why don’t we do it every time?

  1. First off, typically this treatment will last longer than most exterior treatments so it doesn’t need to be done as often.
  2. And also, its more time-consuming. So by providing this service only in the winter, we are able to offer you stable pricing throughout the year and still give you premium pest protection.


Another thing we do in the winter is a more thorough treatment of crawl spaces and attics with either a liquid or dust formulation.

We also spend more time doing an inspection. These winter inspections can help identify and correct early problems before they become expensive problems. For example, in our inspection, we may find a hole in the house, or breaches in the caulking that can be corrected for a relatively low cost and save you a lot of money down the road.

This is our winter treatment. Preventative, long-term, effective.

We look forward to seeing you.

CSU did a study on which kinds of bugs have a tendency to invade homes.

Below you can see which bugs are most likely to be inside your home in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

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