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Bed Bugs

Penguin Pest Control is the most effective bed bug company in this area

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Why? Because of modern travel and especially air travel. Here is how they spread: Someone stays somewhere that has bed bugs. Bed bugs crawl in or on their luggage. That person then boards an airplane, and the infected luggage gets checked with everyone else’s luggage. A single pregnant bed bug crawls off the original luggage and onto someone else’s luggage. Boom. Spread. That person then stays at some other hotel, where the bed bug crawls off, lays eggs, and creates a new infestation. Or the bug comes home and creates an infestation there.

Three things to know:

  1. Bed bugs feed on human blood while the person is sleeping. Bed bugs hide during the day.
  2. ANY hotel, residence, or bed & breakfast can get bed bugs.
    It doesn’t matter how nice the place is. If you have bed bugs, it doesn’t mean you have poor housekeeping. (Although poor housekeeping compounds the problem.)
  3. Bed bugs are very hard to eradicate because you have
    to kill every single bug AND every single egg. Otherwise the infestation will just come back.


THERE ARE ONLY 2 ways to eliminate BED BUGS and Penguin offers both!

Heat Treatments

We have special equipment that can raise the temperature in a room to over 140 degrees. This will kill all the living bugs and eggs. It’s a bit more expensive than liquid treatment but the results are immediate. One other advantage is that we usually don’t use any liquids with this treatment.

LIQUID Treatments

We apply liquid products to kill all the bed bugs. This advantage is that liquid treatments are less expensive than heat. The disadvantage is that it may take a few weeks before the bugs are 100% eradicated.


Visual Inspection

A trained technician will inspect a room. If there is an infestation, the tech will find signs of the bed bugs.

This method, however, has some limitations. In an early-stage infestation it may be very difficult to find any signs of bed bugs.

A visual inspection has some advantages. It’s less expensive and fast. Also, most well trained technicians will find any advanced-stage infestations.

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We are the only company in this
area that offers the best of these 3

LIQUID treatments
Heat treatments
Highly trained technicians

For bed bugs you definitely want to call Penguin Pest Control