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Penguin Pest penguin easying in a lawn chair


Q. Is the treatment safe for pets and people?

A. Penguin is an extremely safety conscious company. Our technicians receive large amounts of training. As a matter of policy, we use the least amount of product needed in order to gain effective control of your target pests. We also use the safest products available; AND we use products in accordance with their label and other safety guidelines set by the State Department of Agriculture, the Federal EPA as well as common sense. After an application, if there are any concerns, or safety precautions, your technician will communicate that with you.

Most of our products are Pyrethrins, a chemical family which is created by imitating a naturally occurring compound found in the chrysanthemum flower. When dry and applied properly Pyrethrins are extremely stable and safe for both humans and mammalian pets.

With all that said, anytime you are hiring a company which is applying pesticides, you want to hire a someone who is competent and knows what they are doing. Penguin is just such a company.

Q. How much does the service cost?

A. Pest control is a cooperative effort between you and Penguin. There is not really a one-size-fits-all approach. Pricing, therefore, varies based on several factors. However, we offer the most competitive pricing around. Our goal is to provide you the most bang for your buck–the most value. Call today, and our friendly staff will get you the best deal around.

Q. Penguin seems like a weird name for a pest control company. Why Penguin?

A. Indeed, and we don’t have a lot of Penguins in Colorado, so in that sense, there is not a lot of penguin pest control…

The reason we chose the name Penguin is because it’s memorable. If you compare what we can offer you, our service, our quality of customer support, our values, consistency, efficiency, speed, effectiveness, safety, and our overall value, you will quickly discover that WE STAND ALONE. We offer you a quality-of-service unparalleled by any other company. Indeed, why shouldn’t our name, logo, and brand be as unique, exceptional and memorable as our service? You deserve the most uniquely top notch service around. Plus, when you sign up, we give you a really cool Penguin stress ball.

Furthermore, if we picked the same boring name as every other pest control company in the world, that would just be lame. Pest control companies all use the same boring names: A+, Pinnacle, Assurance, Quality Pest Control, Advanced, Star Pest Control, On-Guard, Active (or ProActive) or Preventative. BORING!

Plus you would probably forget those names quicker than your mother-in-law’s birthday. Thats not for us!

Q. Will the treatment really work?

A. Yes. With about 25 years experience, we have seen it all. We will help you get rid of whatever pest issue you have.

The only catch is, you may need to work with us and comminicate with us. If you are are not getting the result you want, call us, or talk to your technician. Clearly express your concerns, and we will take care of them. In some cases, we may need to change our approach, or change the treatment, and/or the frequency. What we need to do, we will. And one way or another, we will get rid of the pest. We stand behind our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Q. How competent is the technician?

A. Penguin has a very comprehensive, training program for each technician. Each technician is properly training and licensed. Furthermore, we have a written manual which is immensely effective at standardizing our training and the level of competency for each technician. What this means for you, is consistency. You will always have a top-notch technician.

Q. How long have you been in business?

A. Spencer Christensen has had almost 20 year of experience in pest control. He started the Colorado company, SNAP Pest Solutions in 2012. Later he changed the name to Penguin Pest Control. He then purchased a large portion of a company called Mountain Pest Control. With that acquisition, several former Mountain Pest Control technicians become Penguin technicians. Mountain had been in business for almost 30 years. So we have great collective experience.

That experience matters–we have done many jobs which other pest control companies would not even attempt to do.

In fact, one time we received a call from a business owner in Telluride who had a very complicated and difficult pest issue. They had called more than 5 other pest control companies, all of which had told this business owner, that they could NOT do the job. Then they called Penguin. And we did.

Q. What kinds of pests can you treat?

A. Pretty much anything. We cover all kinds of insect pests, including mosquitoes, termites (both subterranean termites and drywood). We treat bed-bugs. We cover mammals and vertabrates such as skunks and raccoons. We treat for birds and bats. We treat for…everything. If its pest control, we do it!

We commonly have people who are using another company, who call us simply because their current pest control company doesn’t treat the pest that they are dealing with.

For bed bugs you definitely want to call Penguin Pest Control