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Bird Control

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The Problem:

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Pigeons and other birds can cause a lot of damage to homes and businesses. They leave a mess of debris including feathers and feces which is not only an aesthetic problem, it’s also a health and maintenance concern.

The Solutions:

EXCLUSION: On solution is exclusion. This means installing some sort of mechanical control that prevents birds from being able to roost on the building. Depending on the situation and the structure, this could either be a very fine, almost invisible net, or it could be spikes. Spikes don’t hurt the birds, they simply make it so the birds can’t or don’t want to land. Penguin Pest Control has performed jobs for both small residential structures as well as some of the biggest buildings on Colorado’s Western Slope. We can handle ANY
job. If we perform an exclusion job, we will do quality work that looks professional AND is effective at fixing the bird problem.

BAITS: The other control method is using a bait product designed to deter birds rather than killing them. The way this works is that we apply baits at a calibrated dosage which is intended to cause a couple of birds to get sick. Once one or two birds in the flock get sick, they will communicate that issue to the entire flock, and the flock will leave—FOREVER. This method provides a control option when exclusion is not possible or not desirable.

Whether your best method is EXCLUSION or BAITS, Penguin Pest Control is your best choice. We are very effective at controlling birds.

The first step to solve your bird issue is for you to call Penguin and schedule an inspection. Call NOW 970.245.7711

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